Business Services and Solutions

Hamilton Business Center covers a total area of 48.716 mp and consists of 8 building completed in a single concept. Each building has:

hbc-logo-mic Area designated for offices and exhibition space consisting of ground floor (294,94 mp) and level floor (276,41 mp);

hbc-logo-mic Warehouse and space for provide services (1.178,52 mp), with a maximum hight of 6,4 m to ledge and 9,45 m to ridge.

Those partitions are light type (plasterboard with sound-absorbing layer), and they can be ammended according to the next destination or your business requirements.

General plan of the site can be downloaded here.

Business Center utility endowment:

hbc-logo-mic Vehicle access: is made by a road that allows access to any type of vehicle. We also provide parking area inside the Business Center.

hbc-logo-mic Power supply: by a medium voltage network supply.

hbc-logo-mic Water supply for household need type: by a distribution network supplied by treated water plant in the city.

hbc-logo-mic Indoor enclosures heating using administrative function: by connecting to gas supply network in existing areas.

hbc-logo-mic Collecting and disposal of household waste water (sanitary sewer): through a main collector discharging into municipal network by a pumping station in Bora neighborhood.

hbc-logo-mic Rainwater sewage on platforms fitted out in the premises: rainwater is gravitationally conducted to a retention basin, in the north-east side of the site, emptying to the natural emissary. (Ialomiţa river).

hbc-logo-mic Collecting household and commercial solid waste: premises is provided with collection and docking platform for commercial package, and the household waste is collected in eurobins.

What kind of activities can you develop in the Business Center?

Hamilton Business Center is a multifunctional business center that can host activities such us: production, logistic and warehouse, business and provide services (financial-banking, consulting, projection, research-development, business management activities, food serving services, etc.).

Why choose Hamilton Business Center?

hbc-logo-mic Well developed infrastructure and strategic location.

Hamilton Business Center is located 2 km from Slobozia, 115 km from Bucharest and 135 km from Constanţa.
Transport infrastructure is well developed and gives easy access to communication ways:


  • road transport: to DN 21 and A2 highway (15 km to Drajna road junction);
  • railway transport: Slobozia railway – Ciulniţa gives easy way to container terminal of the Port of Constanţa;
  • customs: Sobozia customs – gives quick access to customs points;



hbc-logo-mic Labour at competitive prices

Slobozia neighborhood towns offers you unqualified and qualified human resources, at market competitive prices.

hbc-logo-mic Multifunctional Business Center

Within the Business Center you can develop a wild range of activities: production, logistics and warehouse, business and provide services (financial-banking, consulting, projection, research-development, business management activities, food serving services, etc.)

hbc-logo-mic We support you with effective long-term solutions!


  • We can make available, on request, training and conference rooms, exhibition spaces.
  • The Business Center provides connection to medium voltage electricity , natural gas and broadband.
  • We show respect to the envirornment and we want to give an example of good environmental practice in the area, implementing a selective system of waste disposal.
  • Provide reduction of utility costs by a thermal insulation system, using high quality materials and provide the heating up of hot water by solar panels.



We are open to other solutions that will help you run your business better within Hamilton Business Center. Send us your suggestions!